We will be WORLDS No.1 JAPANESE USED CAR EXPORTER!! RISING-SUN FLAG TRADING continues to play an important role in the field of export.


Buy directly from individual car user and save the margin.

Our professional staff will search the best used car for exporting and bid it cheap from 128 used car auction hall in Japan.We export the best used car in Japan.

japanese used car dealers in foreign country

Japanese used car auction agency. we sell and export used cars. and we do all the process of exporting ourself.

For japanese used cars BUYERS!

We send vehicles from Japan to used car dealers, motor traders and private users around the world. We are a member of about 128 auction halls all over Japan.

You can order a car from our stock or search in the auction list.

We will assist you in importing successfully cars from Japan. We ship vehicles directly from our stockyard or auction yards, saving on extra transportation and administrative expenses.

As a result, our price are much lower than those of other big dealers.

We check the market price and conditions on regular basis time, to get the required vehicle at reasonable price.

We recommend you two methods of purchase.

  1. on receiving your order, we search and select a vehicle for you.
  2. you search and select a vehicle in the auction site by yourself and send us a specific order.

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If your car cannot be found in our stock list, please use Inquiry.Please feel free to contact us by phone or fax here.

TEL:+81-748-60-6564 FAX :+81-748-60-6564

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Attractive offer

It is our goal that our customers receive best quality used car from all over the world as they demand.

You can check the USS auction, and we arrange the purchase for you by your order.

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